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Cami isn't exactly happy in her sheltered little bit of existence, but staying in her comfort zone is much less scary than stepping out of it. Ever since her first embarrassing sexual experience, Cami's retreated into of solitude. She knows that she's disgusting and if she ever tries to think otherwise, she'll just get hurt again. So, she lives her life online and finds her sexual release in stories and porn.


When Jenny starts work in Cami's office, the bubbly, cheerful blonde seems to embody everything that Cami is not. She's outgoing, fun, friendly, and flirtatious. It's dreadfully annoying and upsets the little bubble of solitude that Cami's so carefully built around herself.


When Jenny runs into some car trouble in the parking lot at work, Cami finds herself giving the woman a ride home. When the car trouble isn't resolved, they're suddenly carpooling. Jenny's flirtations and the innocent, cute little kisses she gives Cami have started awakening a whirlwind of confusion in Cami's already-confused mind.


As the days go by, Cami finds herself contending more and more with those strange feelings. They're feelings that Cami knows she shouldn't have, because Cami isn't a lesbian. They're feelings that are drawing her out into a frightening world, one in which other people live, and they even have friends. Those things don't seem like they're for Cami, because Cami knows that she's disgusting. Furthermore, she's absolutely certain that she is not a lesbian.

Comfort Zone (ePud+PDF)

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