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Lisa's town is overrun by an experiment in control. Strange daily emails. A mysterious young man on the college campus. And then there are the Pink Pillz, which everyone in town has to take each day. They just can't remember why that's so important.


Summer break is at an end and Lisa is starting back to school as a teacher at the local college. Starting class always means checking emails. One email in particular is irresistible. It's so irresistible that after viewing it, she's compelled to forward it to everyone in her contacts. The message in the email prompts her to stop in at a new pharmacy in town, where she receives her first dose of Pink Pillz.

The pills are important, that much she knows for certain. She can't exactly remember why, but it's the most important thing she has to do. As the days go by, life around the town changes. The girls are looking prettier. The boys, too. It's strange, but Lisa knows that's just the way it's supposed to be. The only person that hasn't changed is Michael, an unkempt young man that's become a new student in Lisa's class. No one know him, but everyone likes him. They love him, in fact. More and more of them love him enough to let him impregnate and degrade them. That's just the way it's supposed to be, though. Lisa knows that. She just can't quite remember why.

Pink Pillz (ePub + PDF)

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