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Kinks: Brainwashing, Incest, Transformation, Degradation


Mitch and Kelly are the "victims" of a couple of bad breakups, but they're determined to win over the hearts and minds of their respective exes. In a twisted revenge plot, they'll remake those who jilted them, and take control of both of their families.

Mitch is into some weird shit. Working for the whacked-out BimboTec corporation, he's got access to the kinds of experimental technology that wins over hearts and minds, whether they like it or not. When his ex-girlfriend, Marie, dumps him for his best friend, Mitch commits to a twisted course of revenge.


Kelly has her future planned out. She's going to marry Michael, become part of his wealthy family, and live a life of ease and luxury. Then Michael dumps her for his best friend's girl, and the two of them fall madly in love. For Kelly, it's the worst outcome imaginable. With Mitch's help, the two of them hatch a scheme to get back what they've lost, and gain more along the way.


It's a twisted tale of technological takeover and transformation, as Mitch and Kelly alter their exes. Not only will Michael and Marie come to regret their decision to dump Mitch and Kelly, but so will every member of their families.

The Exes: A Fantasy of Incestuous Brainwashing

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