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The town of Haden's Creek undergoes a bizarre transformation when some... things begin making changes in town. Kathy knows what they make her believe is a lie, but like everyone else, she's powerless to stop them from altering the residents.

Kathy's son is her "boyfriend." Her husband's "girlfriend" is their daughter, Trish. Kathy knows this to be true, and that their relationship is completely normal. Only, Kathy also knows that it is a lie. There is nothing normal about it. Like everyone else, though, she's trapped in her own head, following the instructions she's being given by the things that have invaded Haden's Creek.

As each day passes, the lies that the residents are living become more and more their reality. Unless Kathy and her family can find a way to break the hold these things have over them all, the truth of who they were will be forgotten entirely.

Things: A Fantasy of Mind Control, Invasion, and Incest

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