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Twelve Days in Christmas is the story of a sibling romance amongst the lively and beautiful scene of a small town, filled with delightful and friendly characters. The passion is as hot as the flames in the fireplaces and the intensity of emotions is as bright as the twinkling lights. It's a tale of love, pure and true, packed full of so much heart that it wouldn't fit under a single tree.


Christmas Carol was named for her small town, which was named for the holiday. The name has made her the town's de facto mascot, a role that's been something of a mix of embarrassment and pride. The little town, as one might expect, is obsessed with the Christmas holiday.

Seven years ago, a tragic accident changed the lives of Christmas and her brother, Brad, forever altering their relationship and destiny. It's a secret that they've kept for all that time. 

Now, Christmas is home from college and the holiday is here once more. The annual pageant looms and the town is abuzz with activity. Over the next twelve days, life will change again, as one of Christmas' best friends becomes aware of the secret.

Twelve Days in Christmas (ePub+PDF)

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