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Cuentos de pasión erótica

Custom Story Services

Would you like to have your own story, written with your own kinky desires in mind? Lisa's custom story commissions are for you!

The only limits with a custom story are your imagination and your desires. As a point, I do not write stories that involve illegal acts, such as minors, bestiality, or portrayals of violence and domestic abuse.

A custom story is tailored with characters and scenarios that excite you specifically. Each story comes with the following:

  • Final files in PDF, ePub, and Docx format, formatted for easy reading.

  • A custom story cover and image

The copyright of all custom stories is retained under Lisa X Lopez, as are future publishing rights. In the event a custom story is chosen for future publication, all character names will be altered from your original. No mention of custom work or any client's information will be used in any form.

Custom story rates are as follows:

  • Text-only story: $30 per 1,000 words.

  • Image-based story: $10 per minute

  • Video story: Requires consultation

Have a special request? Get in touch and let's discuss it! Stories that feature Lisa's own personal photos or video are negotiable.

Contact me here


Bi-Cuck Humiliation:

"I've got something special for you tonight," she said and took off the cage.

She started the series of gay porn on the TV and Kyle blushed as he always did. On the screen, a sexy redhead cradled a shorter, flabbier man's head. Behind him, a stud with a thick cock pounded his erection into the man's ass as he squealed like a bitch. The resemblance was not lost on Kyle, whose dick was instantly attentive.

Maggie beckoned him to join her on the bed, where she fingered some goo into the asshole of the sex toy. She held her phone in her hand.

"You have one minute," she said. "One minute to watch your porno and pump a good load into your toy. Alright?"


"Or I can just put the cage back on."

Kyle, grudgingly, placed his cock against the sex toy's latex anus and pushed it in. Maggie started the timer. Kyle began to hump the rubber sex doll like an animal, in a hurry to cum before Maggie put on the cage. As he fucked his small dick into the doll, though, something began to happen. His dick began to wilt.

Confused, he looked down at it as it popped out, soft, from the doll. He fingered it, rubbed it, stroked it manically, but it wouldn't get hard. Maggie looked at the bottle in her hand and gasped.

"Oopsy," she said with a giggle. "I think I mixed up the numbing cream and the lube."

Kyle groaned in frustration and pulled on his limp dick. The timer went off.

"Well, I suppose we can try again on Monday," she said, shrugging.


"Would you rather wait for next Friday?"


Cuck Cheating and Voyeurism:

He placed his ear against the door, straining. Goddamn it, he wanted to watch! He could hear a masculine groan and sounds of Lisa's lips gliding wetly over someone's cock.

"The fucking mouth on you," he heard the man remark, "Fuck…"

He should be enjoying it, Brian thought, Lisa's mouth was heavenly. The things she could do to a cock with that mouth were a gift. He heard her giggle sexily around his cock as she sucked it. The voice, he thought, was familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Sucking your cock is a lot more fun than sucking my boyfriend's," he heard her say, loudly enough that he could hear it clearly.

Brian shivered at the humiliating comment and wondered if she knew, somehow, that he was here, listening.

"You're so much bigger," she said, "Can I fuck it, now? Can I put it in my pussy and fuck it before my boyfriend comes home?"


Incest Fantasy:

“When I come home, I could suck it for you again,” she whispered. “You could let your little sister suck your cock, like a filthy little pervert. Would you like that?”


“You could put me on my knees and push your big cock right into my mouth again.”


She stroked him faster. “You could fuck my mouth really hard, like a pussy, since I’m teasing you so bad. Do you want that? Do you want to choke me with it and make me do it for you until you cum?”


“Cum for me,” she begged, her tits pressed into his back. “Cum for your little sister and you can do it. You can use my mouth like a wet little hole for your cock.”

Image Stories Example

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Video Stories Example

Audio Stories Example

Full Custom Video Story

For the ultimate in fantasy fulfillment, a custom video story stars Lisa performing for you in your own film.

Formats are available in photo, video, and even VR!

Custom Story Client

“Fast work and very hot! I've had this story in my head for years and now it's real. Very happy."
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Lisa X Lopez es una amante de todo lo relacionado con la pasión. Desde besos sexys hasta sexo erótico, me encanta la aventura, el erotismo, esas cosas que son un poco traviesas o francamente sucias.

La emoción es lo que me mueve. Las historias que escribo, las lleno de personajes salvajes y situaciones sexys.

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