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When Lisa comes to America as an exchange student from Mexico, American school isn't at all what she saw on TV. The girls are all so pink and happy, and after a few days with her new American family, she begins to feel the same way.


The International Education Exchange program is Lisa's ticket to a better life in America. It's a place filled with opportunity. She'll be staying with a kind American family, and attending her senior year in high school. Things in America aren't at all like they are on TV. The Smiths, her American family, are a bit odd. Eighteen-year-old Julie dresses in all pink, and her taste in music centers around The Pink Song. It's the most popular song around.

The more Lisa hears it, and watches the strange shows that Julie watches, the more she begins to feel as cute as Julie. And as cute as all the other girls in her school. The song is pervasive, played at morning assembly for the girls, and all of them watch the same show: Good Girl High. But what is the song? Where did the show come from? And why do they make Lisa feel so cute and happy and stupid the more she's exposed to them?

Exchange Student

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