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Cheerleader Training

Hey everyone! It's a great day for you MC fans. I've released a big brainwashing story video, and I'm also including the image pack here.

Cheerleader Training tells the story of Lisa, a cockteasing cheerleader who can't stop giving her daddy wood. Daddy sends Lisa to BimboTec under the guise of "Cheerleader Training" only the training Lisa receives isn't about shaking pompoms.

The Doctors at BimboTec train Lisa's brain to think slutty thoughts, and teach her that the only important thing in life is serving cock. When she's sent back to Daddy, she's no longer a bratty cocktease, but a submissive fuck pet. Thanks BimboTec!

You can rent or purchase the full 17-minute video in the video library. You can also download the image pack from the shop and support me in creating new and better work to share with you. Thank you!

This video and all my others also come with a subscription to any of my platforms. Pick your favorite and join me for new erotic adventures and hot personal videos and pics every day!


Need more fantasies of mind control and brainwashing? Check out my erotic story collection Mind Games, or my other titles.

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