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Cucking Brian, Episode Two: Censored

Brian simultaneously loved and hated the fact that Lisa was so fucking good with technology. On the one hand, she never had to ask him to fix a problem with the TV, a computer, or a household appliance. On the other hand, she like to add little "surprises" to his phone that made his already hard cock even harder.

Almost daily, Lisa would make him watch videos or look at pictures of her being fucked by or sucking the cocks of former lovers. At random times she might send him a photo of her with a dick in her mouth or her legs spread, and a cock buried in her gorgeous pussy. These photos never came with any message or context, so Brian could never be sure if, at that moment, some other man had his cock in his girlfriend, or whether this was some past association of Lisa's.

The fact that Lisa ran a sex blog that kept a rundown, in vivid detail, of exactly how she was continually humiliating and cuckolding him on a daily basis was also both a source of perverse amusement and a constant reminder of his beta status. Today, Lisa's adeptness with technology was a genuine point of frustration for Brian. At some point, after fucking another man all night on their anniversary, Lisa had managed to install something on his phone.

That something was censoring any adult website he tried to access. Brian, normally, read Lisa's sex blog throughout the day. The blog included fiction stories and articles she did, along with her ongoing commentary on the ways in which she was cheating on her boyfriend. In these, she regularly posted pictures of herself with her various lovers.

Having been denied the chance to watch her fucking the prior evening, Brian had been chomping at the bit all morning to see the photos or video that Lisa would, inevitably, post on her site. Now, Lisa had posted photos of the anniversary encounter, but all Brian was getting to see was blurry photos that showed him nothing. Sitting at his desk, at work, hiding his hardon and trying to act as though he were casually checking his phone, Brian fumed. Literally anyone else in the world, at this moment, could go to Lisa's site and see pictures of his girlfriend fucking her lover. Whatever Lisa had put on his phone, though, was denying him, her own boyfriend, that opportunity.

It was cruel and it was bitchy, and it was Lisa. She knew that he couldn't visit the site from his work computer. He'd get reprimanded or fired for looking at porn. That left him two options. He could wait until after work, go home, and beg Lisa to be able to look at the pictures and watch the video. Or he could ask someone else to look up the site for him. Then, he'd have to explain to a work friend why he couldn't look up the site himself, and then further explain that Lisa was his girlfriend and he wanted to look at pictures of her fucking another man.

Brian would not take the second option, and so he waited. To get his fix, though, he turned to his saved album of photos and videos. The album, though, was empty except for one photo. In it, there was Lisa's spread pussy, with a superimposed heart and the words, "No, no!"

He sent a message to Lisa, asking, "Why did you censor me from the site?"

Lisa didn't reply until after lunch, leading him to wonder further if she had been busy fucking another man, or just ignoring him to be cruel.

"I thought it would be funny to make you wait to look at your hot girlfriend, until after everyone else has gotten their turn," came the reply, with a little kiss emoji.

"How do I make it stop?" he asked, "Please?"

"You sound very needy," Lisa wrote back, "You know how I feel about impatience."

"I'm sorry. I just really want to see it," Brian begged.

"What do you want to see, baby?"

"I want to see who got to fuck you last night," Brian wrote.

"You mean, my boyfriend didn't get to fuck me on our anniversary?"

"No," Brian wrote, with a little crying emoji.

"I'll give you three guesses," Lisa wrote, "and if you can guess correctly who it was, then I'll tell you how to uninstall the censor app."

"What if I don't guess?"

"Then I might, or I might not tell you who it was, and I may or may not show you the very long, sexy, dirty, filthy video of the man with the big cock fucking your girlfriend."

Brian groaned and asked, "Do I get a hint?"

"Sure. It's someone you know, and that you've hung out with in the past three months," Lisa wrote.

Brian thought back over the last three months. That was a wide field. How the hell was he going to narrow it down? If he knew Lisa, that could also mean someone they'd casually met for dinner.

"That's impossible," Brian wrote back.

"It's easier than you think, if you really do love me and know me," Lisa wrote, and added a little smiling, wide-eyed anime girl sticker.

Brian continued to mull it over. He could easily dismiss casual acquaintances. Those were not Lisa's style. It would need to be someone that Brian would find humiliating for his girlfriend to fuck. That was Lisa's thing. She didn't cheat on him with guys that wouldn't embarrass him in some way.

The occasion mattered, too. She would want it to be even more dirty and humiliating because she'd fucked him on their anniversary. That required a special kind of cruelty. It wouldn't just be a friend. He tried to think back on the voice, too, which had been familiar. Who did he know that would talk the way the man had?

"Lucas?" Brian sent his first guess.

Lucas was his best friend and, as far as Brian knew, Lucas did not know that Lisa constantly cheated on him. It would be like Lisa to fuck his best friend on their anniversary and bring another constant humiliating shame into his life.

"Wrong, but you're getting warmer," Lisa wrote, and included a photo of her tugging down her top to show her bra.

Brian thought harder. Who else would be humiliating enough for Lisa, that he had hung out with in the last three months? There couldn't be many. Arny? Arny was the ass hat from IT that thought he was God's gift to women. He'd bought Lisa a drink at the spring fling night out last month and she'd flirted with him just to annoy Brian.

"Arny?" Brian wrote.

"Ew, no," Lisa said, including a photo of her panties, "I like confident, not cocky. Besides, I grabbed his cock and it's smaller than yours. Also, I wouldn't fuck with your livelihood. Even my dark heart has its limits."

Brian breathed a sigh of relief at that, and then cursed himself. Of course it wouldn't have been Arny. If it had been, the dickhead wouldn't have been able to help gloating about it first thing this morning. Who did that leave? Brian's hands shook as it came to him, then his cock stiffened, and he touched it under his desk. No. Even Lisa wouldn't do that. Would she?

"Flynn?" Brian asked.

A moment passed, another, then a tortuous thirty minutes. Fuck. Fuck. Brian sat gripping his hard cock under the desk, staring at the phone, pretending to work. Finally, the phone buzzed. In the message was one photo of Lisa's face, her mouth around another man's cock. This one had context and this one had an explanation. The man's face, open mouthed and pleased, his hand resting on Lisa's head, fingers curled in her dark hair, was one Brian did know well.

"Your brother fucks like a beast," read the message.

Brian lost control and came in his pants.

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