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Kyle's Conquests: Preview Chapter

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Kelsey noted, first, the flush in Lynn's cheeks and the slightly wild state of her hair. The woman had a grin on her, too, a fiendish one that wouldn't be out of place on some dirty magazine. When she set her bag in the booth and propped her shades on her head, Kelsey also noticed the slight sparkle in her eyes, which were a bit distant, like she was replaying some enjoyable memory in her head. She looked like she'd just been fucked and fucked well.

Kelsey raised a brow, wordlessly putting the question to her with a bit of a smirk. After over twenty years of friendship, sometimes there wasn't really a need for words. She received a dreamy sigh from Lynn in response. Kelsey slowly pushed a mimosa across the table in Lynn's direction, and she nodded in thanks, drinking for a long moment.

"Well?" Kelsey asked.

"Well?" Lynn replied back, grinning.

"Chuck feeling a little amorous this morning?" Kelsey asked.

The flush in Lynn's cheeks deepened, then her phone pinged. Without answering, she picked up the phone and her grin turned to a little smirk of her own as she typed something and then set it down.

"Not exactly," Lynn said, toying with her glass, then taking another sip.

"Well, are you going to spill the fucking dirt, or just sit over there and grin?" Kelsey asked.

"Just gonna grin a bit," Lynn said and picked up her menu.

"Why do you even bother to look?" Kelsey asked, "You always get the same thing."

"Something about a menu requires that you look at it," Lynn answered, her eyes scanning the laminated sheet.

"Something about your stupid face requires me to question you about it," Kelsey said.

The phone pinged again. Lynn picked it up, giggled, and then typed at it again.

"Jesus Christ," Kelsey exclaimed and took the phone out of her hand.

"Hey!" Lynn protested.

"Oh my God!" Kelsey hissed, looking at the phone and quickly handing it back, blushing.

Lynn giggled again and said, "No one asked you to look."

"I kind of wish I hadn't," Kelsey said, taking another long drink.

Lynn gave a snort and shot back, "Nothing you haven't seen me do before."

"Yeah," Kelsey agreed, "but that was a long time ago. Jesus. I'm never going to be able to look at Chuck the same way again."

Lynn giggled again. A server materialized, a young man, college-aged, Kelsey guessed. He had deep eyes, sea green, and a little tattoo on his forearm, a Greek alpha.

"Morning, ladies," he said, "Can I put something in for you?"

"You absolutely can," Lynn said, giving him an almost predatory leer.

"I think he means food, you fucking cougar," Kelsey snapped.

The young man blushed.

"She's not fit to be out in public," Kelsey told the young man, "but it's my day to get her out of the institute for human companionship. Forgive her."

"Wheat toast," Lynn ordered, "dry, please. Two eggs, scrambled, with a little cheese, honey."

"And for you?" The server asked, turning his eyes from Lynn's cleavage to Kelsey.

"Spanish omelet, please, and another one of these," Kelsey said, holding up her glass.

"Make that two," Lynn added.

The young man nodded and went to put in the order.

"Not Chuck," Lynn said, the smirk returning.

"Not Chuck?"

Lynn shook her head.

"Seriously?" Kelsey hissed, her voice low.

Lynn nodded and said, "When was the last time I talked about Chuck's dick without complaining about it. Honestly."

"I can't say I keep a file on 'times Lynn told me about her husband's dick,' but I don't recall hearing you sing its praises," Kelsey admitted.

"So, I joined that gym down on 6th a couple months ago, you remember?" Lynn asked.

Kelsey nodded and said, "Yeah. The one Tammy told us about."

"Right. Kyle's gym," Lynn said.

"Oh, Jesus. If I have to hear about this fucking Kyle guy one more time, I'm going to smother myself in my fucking omelet," Kelsey sneered, then in a mocking voice, "Oh, he's so hot! Oh, Kyle is so fit."

"He kind of is," Lynn said, the flush returning.

Kelsey's hand, holding her drink, paused halfway to her mouth.

"Him?" she hissed, "You… with the fucking trainer at the gym?"

"God, Kels! He had me face down on the bed, holding my arms to the mattress and fucked me like a goddamn porn star!" Lynn whispered, and as the server returned and set thier drinks down, she added, "I haven't cum that fucking hard since you bought me that rabbit for my 5th anniversary."

The server paused, cleared his throat and asked, "Will there… be anything else?"

"You are the most embarrassing person on Earth," Kelsey said, then to the server, "That's all. Thank you. I'm sorry."

The server left again.

Unperturbed, Lynn went on, "I'm not talking, like, little ones or even a good cum. I mean, like, pussy squirting, wet the fucking sheets and drool on the mattress kind of cumming. Every… single… time."

"Wait. Every time? How long has this been going on?" Kelsey asked, stunned.

"Maybe a month?"

"Oh my God!" Kelsey exclaimed quietly.

"Chuck knows," Lynn shrugged, "I'm telling you Kels, the sex has never been better between us."

Kelsey finished the rest of her first drink in a long, long swallow.

"Honestly, I didn't think he'd take it all that well, but the first time he watched me do it, it was like he couldn't get enough," Lynn added.

"That's so fucking weird," Kelsey said, shaking her head, "I mean, I saw you do some shit in college, but I never thought you'd…"

"Is it really cheating when hubby wants you to do it?" Lynn asked.

"Hey, you do you, girl," Kelsey said, and clinked her glass to Lynn's, "as long as you're both happy, I'm happy for you."

They were silent a moment, Kelsey processing the sudden revelation.

"When are you going to join the gym?" Lynn asked.

Kelsey blinked, then said, "I'm not."

"Why?" Lynn asked, as though asking one's best friend to submit to being seduced by a personal trainer were a completely reasonable request.

"Because I don't want to join a gym."

"When you go home," Lynn said, confidently, "Luke's going to be half-asleep on the couch, watching baseball, and you're going to think about it."

"No, I won't," Kelsey answered, her mouth curling up, knowing exactly what Lynn was doing.

"You are," Lynn taunted her, "You're going to go home and think about me getting pummelled by a hung stud half my age, and then you're going to remember why I bought you kneepads during senior year."

Kelsey blushed at the memory, the many memories of wild nights that year, before Luke.

"I thought you were just concerned that I was going to take up skateboarding," Kelsey jested.

"Uh huh. And why did the kneepads come with an 'I Swallow' tee-shirt?"

"Because you know how much I like birds?"

"You're a bitch," Lynn said.

"You're a cunt," Kelsey added.

Each of them stared at the other over their glasses, eyes locked in a silent contest, until Kelsey crossed her eyes and made Lynn laugh into her drink. Their food arrived, the server quickly laying it out.

"Another drink?" he asked Lynn's breasts.

"Please," they both agreed.

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