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Seducing Jessica: A Partnership Publication

Hey everyone! Today, I'm really happy to show off my first partnership publication with Tori Hamlin from Erotikinks. Tori is the author of numerous erotica novels and novellas, and my coauthor for The Demon Chain. If it weren't for this awesome author, I might never have started publishing my own work, so I'm looking forward to a friendship that will last a lifetime. If you enjoyed Twelve Days in Christmas, you'll love Seducing Jessica. Here's the author's description. Have fun with this read, and I hope you'll enjoy future works from the both of us.


Eighteen-year-old Jessica's parents have been divorced for several years. Living nearly full-time with her mother during that separation, Jessica has only spent one weekend a month with her father and brother. Now, Jessica's mother is remarrying and jetting off to the tropics for a summer with her new man.

Jessica's living arrangements have taken a sudden turn, and now she'll spend the entire summer with her father and brother. Jessica's father, Owen, is a bit stern but kind. He's got a thing for hard work and now that Jessica's of age, he demands that she get a summer job.

All of that is just the start of a week that will send Jessica's life spinning wildly out of control. When Jessica discovers that her father is hiring escorts, all of whom have a striking similarity to herself, Jessica's curiosity gets the better of her.

Not only is Jessica intrigued by this line of work, but one of the girls in particular has developed a sexual fixation on the innocent Jessica. Now, day by day, she's being sucked into a world of sexual exploration, submission, and doing things that she never imagined. The only question is how far she'll go.

Story length: 52K words, 18 Chapters. This story includes seduction and incest.

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