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When Kelso snaps the perfect photograph, he can't imagine that the moment will forever change the lives of three broken things. The first is himself, a lonely and transient, but successful photographer. The second is that of a three-legged mutt, while the third is Tessa. Seemingly just another street girl, Tessa has escaped to her life on the streets of New York from a much darker place, one that's left traumatic scars that run deeper than those hidden beneath her tattered shirt.
This single photo, the captured moment in the infinity of moments, is only the first instant that will lead three lonely hearts toward an unexpected friendship, and the knowledge that there is so much beauty in broken things.



Lisa Lopez' debut novella is a 70-page, hard-hitting, emotional tale of the power of unexpected friendship.

La belleza de las cosas rotas (ePub+PDF)

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